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I'm New, Now What?


Welcome Ganesha Giants Class of 1965 and Other Honored Guests!
Welcome to the Ganesha High School Class of 1965 official website, which began operation in May of 2010.  We also welcome anyone who was a member of the class of ’65 during any of our three years or was a member of any class adjacent to our graduating class. Please go to Contact Us at the top of the page and identify yourself so we can make you a part of our family. This is our official website and it will be around for a long time.  The main purpose of our website is to maintain accurate contact information for everyone who registers on our site.  In order to do this, we have to insist that you give us a valid e-mail address.  If you do not currently have an e-mail address, you will need to obtain one.  This can be done for free through sites such as Hot Mail.com, GMail.com or your internet provider.  Without this information, your registration on this site will be suspended until it is properly updated.
Please go to our Classmates Profiles page where you should find your name listed. Click on your name and follow the instructions that come up. Enter as much information as possible as this is our primary database for locating and staying in contact with you. You will also be able to stay in contact with other classmates through our website.
After creating your profile spend a few minutes becoming familiar our website. Try our Message Forum where you can catch-up with the latest discussions. We love to hear about your latest adventures, favorite memories of the good old days back in GHS. Remember the football games and the dances that followed them or out cruising on Garey Aveune. Maybe getting something to eat at Mel’s, Henrys or In-N-Out.
And while you’re at it, don’t forget to stop by the Photo Gallery we would love to see any old picture of those days back in high school and some of you and the family today. If you need any help on downloading photos or maybe you need to scan some old photos into the computer, we would be happy to help or find someone that can. Use Contact Us.
Please take a moment and go into our In Memory page. If you would like to add a few thoughts about one of your classmates, click on their name and it will open a site where you can express your thoughts. If you have any information or photos about them we would appreciate hearing from you.  Use Contact Us.
Next on our short tour is Missing Classmates. As it has been a long time between reunions, contact information for more then half of our classmates has expired. If you are in contact with or have any information at all on one of our missing classmates, please pass it on through Contact Us. Even the smallest piece of data such as “…the last thing I heard they were living in …” can be enough to help locate them. If you desire we will be very discreet when contacting them and your name will never be mentioned.
On the Home Page be sure to check out the Announcements so you can stay abreast of the latest goings on. See Who’s On Line Now and maybe drop them an e-mail by using the e-mail link to the bottom of their profile page. Get together with a few friends in the Live Chat room.
Remember that the most important item on our website is YOU! The only way OUR website can stay alive and interesting is if you come back often and give us feedback on what we are doing. Not everything on the site is for everyone and some times what we put on the site is a bomb but unless you tell us we won’t know.
If you have any question or suggestions about the website that would help us please feel free to Contact Us.
Thank you for joining us.
When this site first started late in the spring of 2010, there really wasn’t any information easily accessible to you about how Class Creators protects your privacy. Now that we are up and going, it is important for everyone to understand this information and then review their privacy selections. First, this website is only for the use of Ganesha Giants, Class of 1965. That includes classmates who weren’t able to graduate with us for whatever reason. Also, most of the pages on our website have been locked/password protected to prevent access by search engines or anyone who is not a registered member of our website. The site is monitored continually, both by Class Creators and by our site administrators to ensure that users are verified website members and that only appropriate content appears on the site.
To begin, you control your own privacy selections. At the bottom of your Edit Profile page, there are 4 check boxes.
·         Profile Visibility - By placing a checkmark in the Profile Visibility box, only registered classmates will be able to see what you have put in your profile. If you want friends and family to see your profile, leave the box unchecked. HOWEVER, leaving this box unchecked could result in the public and search engines viewing your information.
·         Contact Detail - All Contact Detail information (address, phone number) entered into this website is automatically hidden and cannot be seen by other registered classmates or search engines. HOWEVER, if you place a checkmark in this box, you are granting permission for your address and phone number to be visible on your profile page where all registered classmates on the website can view it.   Your email address is never visible to classmates or search engines.  All website e-mail messages are sent through the Message Center using the Contact Box at the bottom of your profile page. Nether person can see the other’s e-mail address.
·         Birthday –A checkmark automatically appears in this box when you register for the first time.  By leaving the checkmark there, you are granting permission for your birthday to be shown on your profile page.
·         Classmates Comments –A checkmark automatically appears in this box when you register for the first time. By leaving this checkmark there, you are granting permission for your classmates to enter comments under your profile. Most classmates opt to leave this feature checked. When this feature is on, you have the ability to edit or delete and comments that are left on your profile by other classmates.
·         Spam Blocking & E-mail Filtering - For those of you with spam blocking or e-mail filtering capabilities, please add @ganesha65.com and @classcreator.net to your email account as a safe sender/domain, and also in your safe mailing list in order to receive email communications from this website and from other classmates. Otherwise, messages sent through the website or from the website administrators are blocked and are returned to the site as undeliverable mail. We have no way of knowing if the e-mail account is invalid, closed or the e-mail was simply blocked by your server.
Class Creators employs multiple levels of privacy protection so that your information remains safe from theft and spamming. Real e-mail gets through, spam does not.
We want our site to be a comfortable, informative and fun place for classmates to come, hang out and meet with others. To do that, we strive to adhere to some basic premises about what should or should not appear on our site.
·         Please don’t drive classmates away by using offensive or inappropriate language/comments/photos.
·         We shall adhere to all legal requirements, such as copyright and infringement laws, and federal and state laws pertaining to internet usage.
·         Please treat this as a family oriented website that you would not hesitate to share with your grandchildren.


Instant Messaging (IM)

 On March 25 2011, we added an Instant Messaging (IM) feature that will allow you to have an INSTANT conversation with that other person that you see online with you.

Up until now, registered classmates have had the option of contacting each other via Class Creators (CC) e-mail, by participating in the Message Forum, or via the Live Chat room, none of which are very timely. We know there are lots of times when you are online and see someone else’s name appears in “Who’s On-Line Now”, but getting in contact with that person right then is next to impossible via the current available features
In order to use Instant Messaging, your system must meet the following requirements:
·    Latest version of the Adobe Flash player.  If you can read the instructions, then you already have the right version.  If you or anyone you're attempting to chat with is having trouble with the Instant Messaging feature, they should go to www.adobe.com and upgrade to the latest version of the Flash player.
·    Latest version of your web browser.  Instant Messaging will not work with Internet Explorer 6 or below.  If you have this browser please update to the latest version. You can verify your version by going to the Help menu and clicking on “About Internet Explorer”. If your browser is not up to date, go to Tools and select Windows Update. Follow the directions there.
·    Screen resolution: Minimum 1024 x 760.  Recommended horizontal resolution: 1280 pixels wide or wider. If you want to check your screen resolution, go to Control Panel, click on Display, and then select the Settings tab. Click on Display and it brings up Display Properties. Click on the Settings Tab and here you can view the current resolution of your screen. You can adjust from there, if you need to.
·    Problems: If problems arise, use “Contact Us” and we’ll get back to you.
Once you have verified the system requirements, here’s how you use Instant Messaging. (You will also find more detailed instructions inside Instant Messaging when you click on the question mark on the pop-up Instant Message feature).
Sending Instant Messages:
Beginning March25, when you enter our GHS website, a pop up panel entitled “Members Online” appears at the right side of the website, either at the top or the bottom, depending on your operating system. When you click the Up/Down arrow at the right hand side of the title bar, the panel will expand, and you will be able to see who is on the website at that moment. To chat with someone, click his or her name. A new box will appear with that person’s name at the top. Each time you click on a different member’s name, a new private messaging box opens. (You can have up to 4 private conversations at a time.) Click your mouse anywhere in the bottom region of the other member’s window and start typing. Then press ENTER. That’s all there is to it. Message sent! Your message will also reappear above that bar that has the smiley face on it.
There are a few additional things you should know, so be sure you read the online instructions thoroughly before you get started.
A Word About Your Conversations:
All IM conversations are private, and remain online until both parties log out of the site. Also, if you end a conversation, and then reconnect with that person during the same computer session, the transcript of your earlier conversation will reappear.